Why Choose Amala Vegan?

Because you deserve to feel your best with all-natural vegan products…

Unlike Some Vegan Brands, We Stick To Our Eco-Friendly Values & Keep All Our Products 100% Vegan, GMO & Chemical Free.

Our Innovative Solution To Sustainable Vegan Products Gives You The Purest & Most Environmentally Friendly Supplements To Support Your Plant Based Diet - All While Helping The Planet... 

...so you can feel confident that your health is in the hands of a conscious brand that has your back for life.

Do you ever think ‘I wish I could find a brand that cares about vegan values just as much as I do’?

Don’t worry, we hear that a lot! Problem is, there are plenty of companies who say they care - but just don’t understand what you need and why you need it.

We understand it can be difficult to find a brand that commits to vegan values and puts your health first… And that's why we created Amala Vegan!

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried some supplements from brands that claim to be vegan only to feel let down when you find they also sell animal products. You might feel that it totally defeats the purpose of your choice by supporting brands and products that cause harm to animals or the environment. 

If you're pursuing a plant based diet, you might be feeling disillusioned with companies that don’t have your best interests (or the environment!) at heart. But you keep buying from them because there’s no other option. Until now..

Feel your best self with Amala Vegan...

If you're looking to live a life of optimal wellness while supporting a brand that puts the planet first - we’ve got the natural supplements you can trust.Our products are 100% vegan, proudly made in the USA and sustainably sourced through a unique process creating the purest high quality supplements. 

If You’ve Ever Said Any of These Things… We Can Help!

I want to feel confident that the supplements I buy align with my principles…

But I always see companies selling vegan products alongside animal products, leading me to wonder, do they really care?

I want the benefits of essential supplements without causing harm to animals…

But companies that claim to have ‘natural’ products still cause harm to animals  - and even vegan brands have products full of added chemicals and GMOs.

I want to know my supplements are the best quality available …

But most companies aren’t transparent about what process and harmful chemicals go into making their products. 

I want to buy from a company I trust…

But it seems like other companies don’t really care about my health or the well being of the environment - they just want to exploit people that try to lead a healthy lifestyle!

and most importantly...

I just want to feel my best and know I’m doing my part to support ethical brands…

But many vegan products don’t meet the quality that my family and I need to lead a healthy plant based diet - and many are even harming the planet!

It’s Our Passion to Help You Live a Health-Conscious Life of Purity - Inside & Out

Ready to see how good our supplements are?

With Years of Experience, High Quality Certified Products & Thousands of Loyal Customers That Trust Us ...

...We’re On a Mission to Help You Live Life to The Full & Elevate Your Mind, Body & Spirit Through a Plant Based Diet

Our customers usually find us after trying brands with products that can’t be trusted - and vegan supplements that don’t meet their standard of quality. We think finding honest plant based supplements should be easy and leave you feeling confident in your choices while you enjoy a healthy life. That’s why we strive to provide all those that wish to lead a healthy lifestyle with quality, sustainable, vegan supplements. 

At Amala Vegan There Are Countless Reasons Why Our Customers Rely On Us to Lead a Healthy Life. Here Are Just a Few...

We’re Pure & Sustainable

Our ingredients are taken straight from their pure and sustainable source in nature, producing the most chemical and solvent free supplements available. 

For our Omega-3, we avoid harming any fish by going straight to the source - the algae. You’re getting all the benefits of essential oils, with a positive impact. 

We’re 100% Vegan

Unlike other brands we will only ever sell vegan products that we can be proud of and you can trust to achieve incredible wellness and vitality.

A plant based diet is about more than health, it’s a spiritual choice with a positive influence that ripples across the planet. 

We’re Committed to Quality

We care about your health and think you deserve to live a life free of toxins, chemicals and harmful solvents found in fish oil and alternative supplements.

All our products use natural ingredients with fully transparent testing, certified by The Vegan Society - so you know you're getting an honest, high quality supplement.

We’re On Your Side

We know you don't want any part to play in the big corporations' neglect of animals and their environment - and neither do we!
That’s why we strive to bring you the pure, natural and ethical products that you deserve while donating a portion of profits to charities that help our planet.

We’re Honest & Reliable

Since 2014 we’ve helped hundreds of American families to live a more natural and healthy life with supplements you can feel good about buying. We treat our customers like family and love hearing from you and offering advice on health and wellness to support your plant based journey.

And Above All… We Really Do Care!

All This & More Is Why We’re Trusted by People Everywhere...

Hear what they have to say

More than 500 happy customers


All vegans should take an algae based dha supplement. This one is definitely the best I’ve come across so far. I noticed it improving my skin texture, energy, concentration, and mood within several days of taking it.

Adrianna Adrianna

Amala Vegan' Omega 3 DHA EPA Nutritional Supplement is great for all but really awesome for vegetarians and vegans! They didn't hurt my stomach. They left no after taste at all. This one helps me with energy and my mood.

men - 1 Jack

Exactly what I wanted. Going vegan the right way this time, and this product helped. Came quickly in minimal packaging. Big thumbs up on that! Will definitely buy again.

women - 2 Debs

So... If You’re Finally Ready To:

Put Your Health In The Hands of a Conscious Brand....

 Feel Amazing Every Day...

& Turn Your Back on Brands That Harm The Planet...


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