Amala Vegan signs an exclusive deal

Amala Vegan signs an exclusive deal




Amala Vegan is excited to announce that we have officially signed a media deal with Kevin Harrington and the AS SEEN ON brand.  


Kevin Harrington, well known for his role as one of the original Sharks in the the popular series Shark Tank, had contacted Amala Vegan a few months ago with a unique offer that could not be refused. 


“We knew the value that Kevin Harrington can bring to a brand, so without hesitation we accepted the offer.  This is a huge win”, said Sumeet Khullar (CEO & founder of Amala Vegan).


The deal will include a massive Television launch campaign piggy backed off the popular AS SEEN ON brand. With social media campaigns, cable tv spots on popular channels and Kevin personally representing the brand, this is certainly a huge accolade for the company.The massive Television launch campaign will see the Amala Vegan brand enter thousands of households via popular channels on cable TV.


The AS SEEN ON  is a recognisable and well known brand that consumers know they can trust.  Many consumers today rely on this brand to make purchase decisions, with the confidence that these products have been well research and tested by the AS SEEN ON brand.


Amala Vegan is currently in production on a Television commercial with Kevin Harrington’s media company, in which Kevin will appear personally to promote the Omega 3 products.


Having grown in leaps and bounds since our inception in 2014, the Amala Vegan brand is now gaining recognition by top personalities.


Our unique formulation of Omega 3’s features the world’s first and only water extracted algae omega 3.  This is important as we go straight to the source to provide consumers with a natural, potent and vital source of Omega 3’s.  This innovative approach has shifted the fish oil narrative, as many consumers are recognising the value of saving the oceans.  Whether vegan or not, Amala Vegan’s Omega 3’s checks all the boxes when it comes to saving the planet and keeping you healthy at the same time.


Stay tuned as we delve into the final stages of production and the big launch in July.  To celebrate this momentous occasion there will be some amazing giveaways so keep an eye on our social media pages for more information.



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