Vegan Omega 3 for Kids by Amala Vegan


Vegan Omega 3 for Kids by Amala Vegan

Product description


  • Essential Fatty Acids, Sustainably Sourced & 100% plant based Omega 3 supplement

  • Contains 30mL of DHA & EPA Omega-3

  • Boosting Brain, Eye, & Immune Development in Children of All Ages

  • Absorbs 15% Better Than Fish Oil With No Aftertaste!

  • Free of Toxins, Pesticides, Mercury, GMOs & Added Chemicals

  • Ethically & Sustainably Sourced From Pure Water Algae

  • Certified by The Vegan Society & Good Manufacturing Practice

  • Liquid Format, Tailor Exact Dosage To Individual Requirements

  • Easy to Swallow & Perfect for Smoothies



Ingredients:  Water-Extracted Algae Oil, Natural Tocopherol, Cold Pressed Organic Lemon Oil. 

Its the perfect plant based omega 3 supplement

Fish Oil Power-Without the Fish!

Optimal Wellness.

Amala Vegan gives you fish oil power - without the fish! We help you enjoy the incredible benefits of essential oils without harming animals or the environment. Our plant-based Omega-3 supplement can support the development of a healthy heart and brain - as well as correct eye, joint and immune function - without nasty chemicals. 

Plant Power For the Whole Family

Thanks to our unique extraction process, kids can now easily benefit from the all new Amala Vegan liquid solution. Give your children a healthy plant-based Omega-3 supplement for development that sets them up for a life full of wellness.  

100% Vegan With No Aftertaste.

Unlike some brands - our plant based Omega-3 doesn’t leave you with that nasty fishy aftertaste. We use only the purest natural ingredients to support your conscious lifestyle and plant based diet. Enhance your wellness with a plant-based Omega-3 supplement you can be proud to use.

A Plant-Based Omega-3 Supplement Provided By A Company You Can Trust.

Here at Amala Vegan, we pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality, sustainable and ethical vegan supplements. Our products are fully certified and follow Good Manufacturing practices that deliver you the best, American-made, plant-based products available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Katrina Cook

Kids take this with no issues.

Great tasting

Best product on the market

Great value

Tastes fresh and mild and it's pretty easy to sneak into my kid's drinks to give him these important good fats

Best I have used so far.

My child loves this and I have noticed an improvement in his attention span. Also no funny aftertaste. We have found our DHA supplement.

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